COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Do Not Disturb by Alessandra Torre

The second book in the Deanna Madden series of standalone erotic thrillers is coming in April 2015, and here comes the cover!! Feast your eyes on Do Not Disturb… ♥

Expected release date: 21 April 2015

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COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Tight by Alessandra Torre

I am a huge fan of Alessandra Torre’s writing, that’s no secret, and every time she announces a new book, I feel like a naughty kid in a candy store, screaming, WANTWANTWANTWANT!!!! The next book to obliterate our minds will be a standalone erotic romance novel coming to us in early 2015—Tight— and here is its sexy new cover!!! Enjoy! ♥

Expected release date: Early 2015

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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: Very Twisted Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills

A sassy violinist who lives next door. An obsessed rock star who watches her through binoculars. And one night when she bares it all. Life will never be the same in Tinseltown. I give you the delicious new cover and the Prologue from Very Twisted Things… ♥

Expected release date: February 2015

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00037]

Vital Rejects front guy Sebastian Tate never imagined his YouTube music video would go viral, sky-rocketing him to acting success in Hollywood. Okay, maybe he did. After all, he’s a cocky dude who knows he’s hot-as-hell, and it was only a matter of time before his stars aligned.

But life in Tinseltown is never what it seems.

After being cheated on, his only rule to falling in love is simple: Keep Calm and Don’t Do It. Spying on his mysterious new neighbor with binoculars seems innocent enough, but quickly escalates into an erotic game between two very unlikely people.

Twenty-year-old Violet St. Lyons is a world-renowned violinist who’s lost her mojo on stage. She hides away in a Hollywood mansion, trying to find her way through her twisted past in order to make her future.

He’s the life of the party with girls chasing him down for his autograph. She’s the introvert with a potty mouth who doesn’t even know who he is.

When they meet, stars collide, sparks fly, and clothes come off. Yet, giving his heart to a girl isn’t Sebastian’s plan; falling for a guy who craves attention isn’t Violet’s.

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy—Hollywood style—where sometimes the best things in life are VERY TWISTED THINGS.


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COVER REVEAL: Pocketful of Sand by M. Leighton

A story of heartbreak, loss, love, and new beginnings, I give you the gorgeous new cover of Pocketful of Sand… ♥

Expected release date: 15 March 2015

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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: I’m Yours by Ella Maise

A debut novel, a Contemporary Erotic Romance about a young woman seeking a new start in life, I am so honoured to be able to share with you today the stunning new cover and an excerpt from I’m Yours by Ella Maise… ♥

Expected release date: 1 December 2014

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COVER REVEAL: Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker

A new series by K.A. Tucker is always a treat in itself for me, so when Burying Water was released, I was like a kid in a candy store!! A heart-wrenching love story, infused with suspense and cloaked in mystery, it was a book I simply could not put down. And now, we get to see what’s in store next!!! Today, I have the great pleasure of sharing with you the beautiful new cover of the second standalone book in the series, Becoming Rain… ♥

Expected release date: 3 March 2015

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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

Is it possible to fall in love with a book even before you’ve read it, simply by reading its blurb? Well, it happened to me and, today, I am so honoured to be sharing with you its stunning cover and an excerpt!!!! Feast your eyes on The Law of Moses… ♥

Expected release date: 27 November 2014

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COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Verum by Courtney Cole

I’m so giddy right now, I could squeal!!! For the past week or so, I have been telling everyone willing to listen about this mind-blowing book I read, a book unlike any other, a book that if I had to use one word to describe, it would be bewitching. This book is Nocte by Courtney Cole and it is releasing TOMORROW!!! It is the story of Calla Price, an 18-year-old girl who suffers a great loss in her young life, and is forced to cope with that trauma, as well as having a twin brother who is her other half, her best friend, but also mentally unstable. Calla falls in love with Dare, a mysterious Englishman, and it is that very love that pulls her away from the tentacles of her own grief. But… that is just the skeleton of the story. The real story is so much more complex, so much more unexpected, and it stays with you for days and days after you read that last page.

My review of Nocte | Read an excerpt from Nocte
Buy Nocte: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA

However, the story does not end at the end of Nocte. It leaves us in a happy-for-now place, but also hungry to find out more. And that ‘more’ is coming!!!! I have the great honour of sharing with you today the breathtaking cover and blurb of the second book in the Nocte trilogy—Verum… ♥

Expected release date: 2 February 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Last Call by Alice Clayton

From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton, known for her “deliciously addictive” novels, this Cocktail series novella reunites readers with Caroline and Simon from the wildly successful WallbangerAnd today I get to share with you its stunning new cover and a sexy little excerpt!!! ♥

Expected release date: 6 January 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Fragments by M.R. Field

“I could think of any moment and see him weaved throughout it. It was as though his soul was interwoven with mine”

A debut novel by a young Australian author, the first book in a four-book series, I am so excited to be able to share with you today the stunning cover and blurb of Fragments… ♥

Expected release date: 8 December 2014

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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

An affair between a librarian and the charismatic principal of a small-town private high school… after he discovers the extensive stash of porn on her personal laptop!!!! Umm, where is the darn one-click button when you need it?!? From the author of the incredible Clipped Wings series, comes a new standalone erotic romance to drive us insane with anticipation: The Librarian Principle… ♥

Expected release date: 21 December 2014

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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle

Remember Josh, Vera’s hot, tatted brother from Love, in English? He is getting his own book in March 2015!!! A love story that “perfectly captures the existential angst of one’s early twenties with raw wit, fresh insight, and true feeling”, this book will be travel-laced, just like Love, in English, only set in New Zealand this time around, and it promises to be an angsty, sexy adventure. So, feast your eyes on the gorgeous cover and enjoy an excerpt from Where Sea Meets Sky… ♥

Expected release date: 31 March 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Hero by Samantha Young

There is a new standalone romance coming in February 2015 from the New York Times bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series—Samantha Young—her first book set in the US and described as an “emotional and unforgettable romance about a young woman trying to build a life for herself in the wake of a series of betrayals that destroyed her family.” And I am so excited to be able to share with you today the cover and blurb!!! Feast your eyes on Hero… ♥

Expected release date: 3 February 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Easy Virtue by Mia Asher

A new standalone romance from the author of Arsen, I am so pleased to finally be featuring Mia Asher on my Blog and to be able to share with you the awesome new cover and Chapter One from Easy Virtue… ♥

Expected release date: 3 December 2014

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COVER REVEAL: Forever With Me by Kristen Proby

It is with bittersweet excitement that I share with you the cover of the last book in the With Me In Seattle series. Over seven books, we have fallen madly in love with the Montgomery gang, and Dominic’s story will bring us to the end of their saga. Feast your eyes on Forever With Me… ♥

Expected release date: 2 December 2014

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