COVER REVEAL: Remind Me by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers

Gosh, the blurb of this book gave me tingles!! A secret childhood romance between a media empire heiress and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks that years later becomes a second chance at love romance…but the little boy is now a self-made billionaire and he is determined to make the heroine regret breaking his heart… The first book in a steamy new trilogy, feast your eyes on the very FSoG-esque cover of Remind Me… ♥

Expected release date: 21 April 2015

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COVER REVEAL: There You Stand by Christina Lee

From the author of All of You and Before You Break comes the love story between the silent, inked up skateboarder and the tattoo artist who unravels him piece by piece… Feast your eyes on the cover of There You Stand, an m/m romance in the Between Breaths series of standalone novels… ♥

Expected release date: 21 April 2015


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Oh, how I love a Cassia Leo novel!!! I am so excited to be able to share with you not only the gorgeous new cover, but also an excerpt from The Way We Fall, the first book in the brand new The Story of Us trilogy, which follows the tumultuous love story of Rory and Houston. The sequel, The Way We Break, is expected in Spring 2015, and the third and final book in Summer 2015. Please note that this book is only available for pre-order through iBooks and the pre-order price of $0.99 will change 48 hours after release.

Expected release date: 20 February 2015

From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a twisted and passionate love story that pushes the boundaries of loyalty.

Maybe we shouldn’t have fallen so fast and so willingly.

Maybe we shouldn’t have moved in together before we went on our first date.

Maybe we should have given our wounds time to heal before we tore each other to shreds.

Maybe we should have never been together.

Houston has kept a devastating secret from Rory since the day he took her into his home. But the tragic circumstances that brought them together left wounds too deep to heal.

Five years after the breakup, Houston and Rory are thrust together by forces beyond their control. And all the resentments and passion return with more intensity than ever.

Once again, Houston is left with a choice between the truth and the only girl he’s ever loved.


Chapter 10 – Houston

Five years ago, April 5th

Rory was born with an affliction I like to call spontaneous hugging syndrome. Whenever someone does something really nice for her, she can’t help but throw her arms around them in a wild embrace. This affliction is one of my favorite things about her. Often times I find myself conspiring to do something nice just so I can trigger her hug-reflex.

Today I’m using the excuse of our four-month anniversary. I ordered her a custom nightgown bearing an image of her head on Britney Spears’ body and Justin Timberlake kissing her cheek. Rory is mildly obsessed with Justin Timberlake and I like to pretend it makes me jealous, but I actually find it pretty f*cking adorable. I guess I’m also hoping this surprise will detract from the fact that it’s the four-month-one-day anniversary of the day Hallie died.

I open the front door of the apartment and call out, “Honey, I’m home!” But there’s no answer.

I head past the kitchen toward the bedroom, my mind immediately concocting the worst-case scenario in my mind. Reaching the bedroom door, I open it slowly and find Rory curled up on the bed with her laptop open next to her. The blanket clutched in her fist, her auburn hair tumbling over her face. I would let her continue sleeping, but I know she’ll feel even more awful if she doesn’t finish whatever homework she was working on before she fell asleep.

I set the package containing the nightgown on the foot of the bed, then I take a seat on the edge of the mattress next to Rory. “Baby, wake up.” I give her shoulder a light squeeze and she lets out a soft groan. “Rory, are you okay?”

I reach forward to push the hair out of her face and she shoves my hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

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COVER REVEAL: A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson

A new A.L. Jackson series is coming!!! Well, if you only knew how much I adore this author’s writing, you’d know that I am literally screaming right now! Ruthlessly emotional, flawlessly written, A.L. Jackson’s books have the ability to make your heart clench repeatedly and make you feel so many emotions all at once. And today, I get the great pleasure of sharing with you the stunning new cover of the first book in her upcoming Bleeding Hearts series, A Stone in the Sea. The second book, Drowning to Breathe, is expected in June 2015, and the third book, Through the Storm, in October 2015. I cannot wait for Sebastian and Shea’s story!!! ♥

Expected release date: 23 February 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Hard To be Good By by Laura Kaye

A brilliant combination of romance, action, suspense, and drama, the Hard Ink series is a truly exhilarating must-read, and today I am sharing with you the cover of Hard to Be Good, an upcoming m/m novella in the series… ♥

Expected release date: 7 April 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

A new standalone romance from the author of There is No Light in DarknessDarkness Before Dawn, and Catch Me, I give you the stunning new cover of Kaleidoscope Hearts… ♥

Expected release date: 22 January 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Manwhore by Katy Evans

Woohooo!!! There’s a surprise new series by Katy Evans coming in March and we have a title, cover and blurb for it, not to mention pre-order links!!! Book junkies, I give you Manwhore… ♥

Expected release date: 24 March 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Black Iris by Leah Raeder

It might have only taken one book for me to hopelessly fall in love with this author’s phenomenal style of writing, her words unravelling my mind like no other, but the mere idea of her upcoming romantic suspense novel literally left me picking my jaw up off the floor. A story set to push the boundaries of what we envisage as a ‘conventional’ romance novel, blurring the lines of our own preconceptions, and maybe even inspiring us to add a few more colours to the brush we paint our worlds with, this book is a literary daredevil, an act of undisguised and heartfelt bravery, a token of things to come. Because Black Iris has girls kissing girls in it, and this extraordinary author is unabashedly proud of it. As she should be.

“…the reality is that people do judge others based on their sexuality, even imaginary f*cking people in fiction. And though the plot of Black Iris hinges on certain characters’ sexuality being gradually unveiled, I should embrace the queerness of this book unabashedly, because the whole reason I wrote it is because I’m sick of my queerness being something I’ve had to hide half my life. I’m sick of pretending to be something I’m not. I’m sick of trying to win people over first before I show them who I really am.” – Yes, Black Iris Has Girls Kissing Girls. Is That a Problem? by Leah Raeder

So, without further ado, I am so honoured to be able to share with you today the stunning cover and an excerpt from Black Iris… ♥

Expected release date: 28 April 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Its prequel, Frigid, was a delicious friends-to-lovers romance about two best friends stranded at a ski resort during a snow storm and forced to face their feelings for one another, and now we are finally getting a companion novel about Andrea and Tanner!!!! Feast your eyes on Scorched… ♥

Expected release date: 16 June 2015

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COVER REVEAL: The Design by R.S. Grey

“I’m not scared of you,” I said with a confident smile.
“Perhaps we should fix that, Ms. Heart. Close the door.”

Its prequel, The Duet, made me smile so many times that my jaw literally started hurting! An upbeat, utterly delightful read, the perfect balance of light-hearted comedy and sizzling romance, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this fun story, and I have been anxiously awaiting the second book in the series ever since. So, it is with great pleasure (because it means we are one step closer to getting Cammie and Grayson’s story!!) that I share with you the cover and an excerpt from The Design… ♥

Expected release date: 1 March 2015

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COVER REVEAL: Sail by M. Mabie

Its prequel, Bait, was leaving fellow readers in a turmoil of emotions. My book junkies were telling me they were gutted and loving every minute of it. Even those who hate love triangles were losing their minds over this story. And now we are finally one step closer to the second book in The Wake series by getting to see its cover!!! Casey and Blake’s story will conclude in Anchor, its release date still TBA. In the meantime, feast your eyes on Sail… ♥

Expected release date: Early 2015

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COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Do Not Disturb by Alessandra Torre

The second book in the Deanna Madden series of standalone erotic thrillers is coming in April 2015, and here comes the cover!! Feast your eyes on Do Not Disturb… ♥

Expected release date: 21 April 2015

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COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Tight by Alessandra Torre

I am a huge fan of Alessandra Torre’s writing, that’s no secret, and every time she announces a new book, I feel like a naughty kid in a candy store, screaming, WANTWANTWANTWANT!!!! The next book to obliterate our minds will be a standalone erotic romance novel coming to us in early 2015—Tight— and here is its sexy new cover!!! Enjoy! ♥

Expected release date: Early 2015

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COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT: Very Twisted Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills

A sassy violinist who lives next door. An obsessed rock star who watches her through binoculars. And one night when she bares it all. Life will never be the same in Tinseltown. I give you the delicious new cover and the Prologue from Very Twisted Things… ♥

Expected release date: February 2015

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00037]

Vital Rejects front guy Sebastian Tate never imagined his YouTube music video would go viral, sky-rocketing him to acting success in Hollywood. Okay, maybe he did. After all, he’s a cocky dude who knows he’s hot-as-hell, and it was only a matter of time before his stars aligned.

But life in Tinseltown is never what it seems.

After being cheated on, his only rule to falling in love is simple: Keep Calm and Don’t Do It. Spying on his mysterious new neighbor with binoculars seems innocent enough, but quickly escalates into an erotic game between two very unlikely people.

Twenty-year-old Violet St. Lyons is a world-renowned violinist who’s lost her mojo on stage. She hides away in a Hollywood mansion, trying to find her way through her twisted past in order to make her future.

He’s the life of the party with girls chasing him down for his autograph. She’s the introvert with a potty mouth who doesn’t even know who he is.

When they meet, stars collide, sparks fly, and clothes come off. Yet, giving his heart to a girl isn’t Sebastian’s plan; falling for a guy who craves attention isn’t Violet’s.

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy—Hollywood style—where sometimes the best things in life are VERY TWISTED THINGS.


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COVER REVEAL: Pocketful of Sand by M. Leighton

A story of heartbreak, loss, love, and new beginnings, I give you the gorgeous new cover of Pocketful of Sand… ♥

Expected release date: 15 March 2015

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